Our Cases

International Growth Strategy

Companies are often absorbed in daily operations and after several years realise they have lost sight of new market opportunities and segments that could render obsolete their existing services.

The client company was relying upon its past dominant market position in the industry and had not tested the relevance of its value proposition to an new generation of customers. 31n81e provided a new perspective and innovative approach to define initiatives to re-invent the company’s market proposition, drive product improvement in new areas, focus business development and redefine their strategic partnerships.

31n81e Strategy guides the company’s growth strategy to include:

  • building new international markets through strategic partnerships;
  • improving quality and delivery of existing products and services; and
  • resurfacing the company’s value proposition to customers in its existing markets.

The company is now executing several initiatives aimed to deliver a revenue increase of 30% within the first 18 months of project implementation.


Capital Raising for Acquisition

Liquidity optimisation for companies is paramount and requires juggling working capital requirements, business development expenses and investment in new technology to ensure sustainably profitable operations. The right mix is often elusive. 31n81e Finance will work with company management to determine the right mix of liquidity the business requires in the short, medium and long term whilst working through the most suitable financing options to achieve its goals.

The company needed to reinvent its value proposition in the B2B market and develop new initiatives to promote its new technology in the marketplace to deliver new enhanced revenue streams. To execute upon this strategy, the company required additional funding to support its customer obligations and working capital. The company needed assistance in raising capital and or equity to ensure its near term survivability.

31n81e Finance and its partner in financial services proposed a 2 pronged strategy, including

  • developing a comprehensive investment proposal for capital raising; and
  • ensuring execution excellence in the delivery of corporate initiatives to meet the company’s obligations to its customers and new shareholders.

The company is on track to realise its first objective of securing adequate funding through a combination of debt and equity. 31n81e Finance will help the company navigate marketplace hurdles to procure new business and meet its new investor and funding obligations. The company is set to be fully funded to realise its 5-year strategic plan and acquisition of new technology that will distinguish itself from its competition.