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In today’s connected economy, customers are calling the shots and brands must adapt. Customers expect their brands to understand what is important to them. The customer journey must be personalised and tailored for their convenience.

31n81e assists organisations define and execute a customer centric growth strategy using customer experience insights; re-imaging market offerings; exploring new revenue streams; reviewing customer channels; re-launching the brand; and transforming the customer experience.

Customer Centricity

Customer centric strategies are typically founded on understanding the customer experience. 31n81e Market’s three phase methodology and digital platform (powered by HappyorNot) helps organisations transition to customer centric and data-driven organisation.

31n81e will assess your customer journey and capture customer sentiment at points of experience. Real-time analytics will enable immediate response by front-line staff or insights for the change program.

31n81e Market change programs will re-orientate business processes; performance metrics; and organisation culture to nurture customer loyalty and experience.